Ana Kremenlieva from Yt-shirt (for 05Studio)
November 20th, 2017

Ana is the creative force behind the Bulgarian brand Yt-shirt and the graphic designer of SVEMA magazine – an independent publication dedicated to culture and art. Ana first caught our attention with her impeccable branding of her T-shirts company – gentle visuals, minimal aesthetics and crisp white T-shirts that are versatile and made from the finest soft cotton. We catch up with her to talk about her brand concept and current inspirations.

…. and then

Who is the ultimate Yt-shirt woman?

The one that knows that a white T-shirt can be enough. Since the T-shirt is so basic and it is already an iconic clothing piece I can’t define a woman with a T-shirt. But my woman will define the Yt-shirt herself. And I always like imagining her at the French Riviera, where out of need and guided by style the jersey appears from under the layers of pretentious elegance.

My reasons and my answers: