the name

By Ana Kremenlieva

As a designer i did’t have any hesitation of how to make my logo, what to look like or to feel. Part of my believes are, that when something comes so easily (name and logo) it is sure that it’s correct and right, and most importantly meant to be.

I really wanted to name to be smart and nice and light, but at the same time, simple, straightforward and a statement by itself. Although it sound like a cliché and nearly impossible to have such a name - something around white t-shirt. With free *.com domain. A friend of mine had a “sheer white tee” (great inspiration to this day) which was pretty close to my wish but a bit too sexy and also too close to just name the label white tee.

The white t-shirt co. is taken and it is the most strait forward approach. So what else. And in just a few minutes, less then 30, my partner came with the name


Cut the unnecessary, he said. There you have it, elegant and simple. Amazing and com-free was born.


the yt-shirt label

the yt-shirt textile label made from Italian producer. Out goal was to be minimal and very soft in touch. 

a client of ours said that the logo Y (with the dash) looks like a woman triangle.


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