yt-shirtr in the light yt-shirtr in the light

the plan 2

By Ana Kremenlieva

yt-shirtr in the light yt-shirtr in the light

 photo Yana Lozeva


...So returning was somehow refreshing for me. And some more on the track and peaceful inside. I started to look for a job, and as moving in a new place, I was restarting my life and continuing the Plan. Again to save some money, to gain some experience and start the label.  

And as every plan dedicated to something easy and at the same time hard to achieve I had no idea where and how to start on.

I needed transportation so I both a car, which got stolen a month later. Whether a sign or not, the insurance money, I was sure, were about to go for the label.

A bit frustrated and anxious all the friend support that I could get was important. It turns out that when it comes to friends there are very few that will stay when you face hard times, and even fewer when your times are better than theirs. Some of them didn't took the idea at all, some were willing to help on paper but turned out not to be so supported in real-time. All of the above can be seen in a course of time since at the moment I felt really fragile and used every possible stone to rely on it. 

Some months later in 2014 I met again a friend of mine. We bumped into each other as if by accident but then not so few times to ignore it. Till the friendship grew more. 


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